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Locksmith Service

Locked out:

Have you locked your keys inside of your house, apartment, office or car? We can opened your door with NO damage to your locks or door with our professional locksmith team using the correct locksmith picking tools can have you in, in no time at all. Please note all gain entries will require photo identification to confirm customer’s property.

Emergency call out 24/7:

Have you unfortunately locked your keys inside or lost key or had an unfortunate break in? Paragon Locksmiths specialists offer a 24 hours emergency complete peace of mind service 7 days a week.


Have you recently moved into a new house, apartment, office or unfortunately lost keys? Rekey your existing locks to a new key! Why rekey your locks? We fully recommend rekeying your existing locks because you never no who else has a copy of your keys from the past. By rekeying your locks now means no existing keys will open your locks any more only the new keys supplied will open your locks now.

Keying your locks alike:

Simply having the convenience of one key opening all of your locks in your property.

Installation of:

Dead bolts, dead locks, entrance key in knob sets, digital keypad locks, window locks, security screen door locks, garage door locks, gates locks, sliding door locks, patio bolts, door guards, door viewer, dummy security cameras and letter box locks etc.

Repair locks:

Service or replacement of damaged locks, having problems unlocking or locking your locks you may just need a simple repair by replacing the locking pins in your existing lock barrel can completely solve your problems, missing or lost keys, we can replace missing keys or rekey the lock simply to a new key, removal of broken keys or up grade existing locks security.

Digital mechanical keyless entry locks:

Keyless entry digital keypad locks Supplied and installed to your front or back door, storeroom or office, great for Kids and staff as no keys can get lost or even if you have cleaners. No wiring need, no keys required and codes can be reset and changed at anytime. Tied of looking for your keys or getting your locks changed every time your staff or kids losers keys or leaves? Digital locks are great for residential and commercial use, offering great security to any door and with their stylish looks.

Access control:

Supplied and installation of access control electronic locking systems or keyless entry digital keypad locks.

Restricted master key systems:

Restricted master key systems offer the highest protection in key lock systems for residential and commercial properties compared with regular standard keys. The restricted lock systems offer a range of tamper and pick resistance that makes them far more secure than regular locks. Restricted keys are also restricted for copying by other locksmiths and can only be duplicated by authorised signature ensuring that your keys will never be duplicated without your approval. The beauty of restricted master key systems is that they are an affordable way to improve your residential and commercial security highly. 


Paragon Locksmiths sells all types of safes, fire safe for document protection, data fire safes contain an additional “safe within a safe” insulation layer and security storage safes and we provide installation of safes. We can advise  you on the most suitable type of safe to suit your needs but before we can there are some things that you will need to determine. 

  1.  What is the size of the goods to be protected? 
  2.  Is a Fire Rating required? If so will you be storing paper or computer records?
  3.  Where will the safe be located within the premises? We recommend that the safe be bolted to a concrete base or chemically bonded (permanent) if not installed to a concrete base.   
  4. What type of locking mechanism would you prefer? Key lock, digital keypad or digital keypad with key offer ride.
  • To see our Yale safe range please refer to our products page for safe range. 

Holden ignition barrels:

Replacement of Holden Commodore and Holden Astra ignition lock barrels simply keyed to your existing key on site.


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